Explore our free resources for Planners including our Online Course ‘Getting a Highways Green Light’ . We have also provided easy download sheets to help you implement your highway and transport skills in all of the sites you manage


Getting a Highways Green Light

‘Getting a Highways Green Light’ is available as a free course to all planners but may also be of use for architects and developers. The course covers hints and tips on putting highways at the heart of your development rather than an afterthought.

Utilising the knowledge contained within this course throughout the planning process will enable you to:

  • Build a relationship with the Highways Officer in a respectful manner
  • Take away a deeper understanding of how the highway capacity is assessed and the information that needs to feed into the assessments
  • Work closely with your Transport Planner to overcome highways objections


Module 1: The Importance of Highways Input

We put highways at the heart of your planning application and show you all of the touch points where highways can have a significant impact during the planning process.

Module 2: Assessing Highways Capacity

A look at what assessing the highways capacity really means and how it is conducted. We look at the importance of data input and all fo the different types needed, as well as the impact on the planning process if it isn’t considered early in the application.

Module 3: Overcoming Highways Objections

‘That is a nonsensical objection’ – something we hear a lot during the planning process. This module looks at how to overcome highways objections and why they need to be considered throughout the process not just at the end.


Not only have we created an online course for you to complete at your leisure, we have also provided some resources and downloads we think you may find useful:

Application: Highways Input

Keep track of the project and where highways input is needed and has been received

Highway Capacity Assessment

Ensure the need for capacity assessment is met and the inputs required are provided

Highways: Overcome Objections

A handy checklist to set out any highways objections and undertake action to overcome them


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