Explore our free resources for Developers including our Online Course ‘Get Ready for Planning Success’ . We have also provided easy download sheets to help you implement your knowledge in your own processes and development decisions


Get Ready For Planning Success

‘Get Ready For Planning Success’ is available as a free course to all architects and planners. The course covers hints and tips to consider when turning your vision into a development.

Utilising the in formation contained within this course will enable you to:

  • Review the site available in terms of your development
  • Get your vision across to your architect to create a better layout and access design
  • Appoint a core team to get your development approved.
  • Understand and track the stages of the planning process at a high level


Module 1: Choosing The Right Site

We identify what you need to take into consideration when choosing a site, how it will enable your vision to come to life as well as tips on how to foresee the impact on the local highway and your chances of planning success.

Module 2: Appoint a Team That Can Adapt

Your vision needs a team to bring it to life. This module covers the core team that will compile and submit your application. Each team member is broken down into their role and kay tasks with tips on how to get the best out of them to achieve your goals.

Module 3: The Planning Process

An easy to understand overview of the planning process including pre-application tasks that will help set you up for planning success. The module also covers the key documents that need to be completed as part of your application submission as well as validating your application.


Not only have we created an online course for you to complete at your leisure, we have also provided some resources and downloads we think you may find useful:

Potential Site Review

Conduct a site review to determine if the site is right for your development and for your customers

Your Team: ADAPT

Tips for appointing the right team who can ADAPT to the needs of YOUR development

Planning Process Checklist

A reminder of all the areas to be aware of for your planning application and who can help with each task


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