Explore our free resources for Architects including our Online Course ‘Creating a Highway Happy Site’ . We have also provided easy download sheets to help you implement your highway and transport skills in all of the sites you design


Creating a Highway Happy Site

‘Creating a Highway Happy Site’ is available as a free course to all architects and planners. The course covers hints and tips to design a site that will satisfy the Highways Officer as well as providing a great customer experience.

Instilling the knowledge contained within this course at feasibility stage will enable you to:

  • Give the client a better understanding of the scope of their development
  • Avoid having to re-design the site when previous planning hasn’t been taken into consideration
  • Reduce the need to provide a significant amount of revisions once the transport planning team have reviewed the scheme.
  • Save your client un-needed extra fees and build a trusting relationship


Module 1: Getting to Your Site

we cover top tips for the placement and creation of your site access for all modes of transport, which junction form is best for your scheme and we delve further into context and planning conditions that directly impact your design

Module 2: Enjoying Your Site

We take a look at the internal layout of your site and how it will be enjoyed by the end user. We provide top tips on circulation, pedestrian movements and parking requirements

Module 3: Fuelling Your Site

It’s brilliant being able to get the customers to the site but the customer’s inevitably need an item to purchase or a service to receive. We take a look at how a site will be serviced and what the reality of this it on a daily basis with top tips for designing for different types of end use


Not only have we created an online course for you to complete at your leisure, we have also provided some resources and downloads we think you may find useful:

Site Access Review

Conduct a site access review before submitting your site to progress planning

Improved Customer Experience

Ensure the customers can use your site effectively and without un-needed movements

Site Servicing Checklist

Make sure your site can be serviced easily, safely and effectively at all times


Need more Highways knowledge for you and your team? Take a look at our in house training prospectus and contact us to arrange a session at your office